Diy periscope

Print off the Periscope template and glue it onto the cardboard. If you are using a cereal box to make your homemade periscope and intend to . A periscope allows you to look at something from around a corner, or from a higher vantage point than normal. The instructions below are for a design of periscope made from poster board or cereal box for the body, and the mirrors are cut from ordinary CDs or DVDs.


My son came to me with an idea to build a periscope. He had found a simple project in a book which used a milk carton and two mirrors. How do we see the roa or our friends, or the moon? The bottom line is that without light, there would be no sight. This PVC periscope project is super simple and gives you a chance to show and explain to kids how mirrors work.

An added plus – it will keep . Learn how to make a periscope.

Homemade periscope wit cardboard. In this DIY project I have made simple but functional periscope from cardboard. How to build a periscope using house. Peek over walls and look around corners with a periscope —a long tool that uses two mirrors to show you hard-to-reach places. To make your spy wannabe Inspector Gadget-worthy, we came up with a simple project to make your own periscope.

Do It Yourself periscope at home using mirrors, cardboard box and sticky tape. This experiment gives kids introduction to Physics and properties of light. Easy instructions on how to make a periscope out of cardboard. Put the carton on its side and turn it so the hole you just cut is facing to your right.

DIY Periscope easy to make for kids. Building a periscope is easier than you might think. Here are plans for a wooden periscope that is perfect for secret agent work.

This one is made of cardboar so it . A periscope is an optical instrument that uses a system of prisms, lenses or mirrors to reflect images through a tube. Light from a distant object strikes the top. Tinkerer and DIY enthusiast Lucas Berbesson recently built a DIY periscope so he could see the Eiffel Tower from his bed.

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