Can roman blinds be fitted outside recess

Fitting blinds inside or outside the recess can be a tough decision. Venetian style blinds or Roman ones need a professional to do this well, . Expert guides on how to measure for roman blinds and how to fit them to your. Roman blinds can easily be fitted either inside or outside of the recess.

Outside the recess can make the window look but is ideal for windows with . Blinds can be hung both inside the window recess and outside the window.

Have both roman blinds fitted to inside and outside of window recess. A point which can be misse or not fully explained to the customer at . Roman Blinds are suitable for outside the window recess fitting. Blinds fitted outside the recess can be retracted so as not to cover any. I would suggest you fit blinds above the. Your blind will be made to given measurements.

Fixing blinds OUTSIDE the recess can disguise a small window and add . Note: When fitting roman blinds it is important to note that the brackets will fit. If the blind is going outside the recess – you should allow between and 8 .

This is the measurement you need to take if you want your roman blind to hang outside the recess overlapping the window. In this case we will make the blind to. By hanging your blinds on the outside for a face fit , you can actually get a bit of . Option (2) Fit the blind outside the recess onto the surrounding wall.

Blinds on these windows can usually be fixed onto the wood architrave. A neat solution that blocks the light effectively. That is because they fit inside the window frame, and can be mounted as deep.

Door blinds are a great example of when outside mount blinds and shades are . If fitting outside your recess. Outside Mount, on the other han refers to fitting the blinds to the outside face of the. This roman here is fitted outside the window recess.

Some blinds, such as roman blinds and panel glides, can experience a . For fitting outside the window reveal: This relates to the. CS Blinds Carlisle supply all types of blinds throughout Carlisle including. Blinds may be fitted either inside or outside the window recess.

Determine whether your blinds will be fitted outside or inside recess. With a bay window, you need to choose a dressing that will sit neatly all the way around the curve. Inside the recess , curtains fitted to a curved track are a good option, and floor length curtains fitted on a pole outside the recess are also effective.

Roman , Roller and Venetian blinds look most effective when fitted to. Then simply fit your blinds into the brackets. It can be helpful to put masking tape on the tile to prevent the drill-bit slipping when you begin to drill into your tiles. If you are fitting outside a window recess , it is a good idea to use a spirit- level.

Use an undersized drill bit on your first hole to see what type of fixing you will. All our blinds can be fitted onto the face ( Outside Mount) of your window frame or wall, or to the top of the inside window recess.