The Original WINBAG -pump it up. The WINBAG inflatable air cushion is an innovative alignment tool that can replace shims and wedges when leveling and. Online shopping for WINBAG at Amazon.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Powerful hand operated inflatable air cushion for levelling and fixing.

Winbag Air Wedge Levelling Tool 135kg Lifting. Load Capacity 135Kg per Winbag. This WINBAG inflatable air wedge is a handy accessory with that has a wide application of uses.

It can replace shims and wedges for easier installati. Fast and exact adjusting from – 50mm. The Nelson WINBAG is an inflatable shimming tool used to install windows, cabinets and doors. Select WinBag Air Wedge for Window . Lee Valley offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, woodcarving), .

Find our selection of tool bags at the lowest price guaranteed with price. Window fitting is done quickly, effectively and precisely – and only needing person and a little bit of air. Used for speeding up the shimming process Faster when installing windows, counter top, cabinets, and lifting heavy doors back on the hinges Used for leveling. The WINBAG which is used for numerous holding, pressing, installation, adjusting and lifting applications is made in Denmark and is either patented or patent . Ideal for installing windows and doors.

Fixing levelling with no Wedges. Visit your local store for the widest range of tools products. Anchors, Plugs and Injection. Installing heavy doors and windows can be a lot easier with a Winbag.

The small inflatable bag ($20) works like a blood-pressure cuff to help . The WINBAG is an inflatable and reusable shim, which can be used for leveling, adjusting, positioning,. Achieve a professional finish with this winbag , which is an easy-to-use and reliable alignment tool. Soft air cushion that provides a powerful 135kg of lifting pressure. For more than years Nelson Wood Shims has been producing the finest shims in all of North America, providing its clients with nationwide distribution.

This is a little something we saw at a recent show in Germany and thought it might be useful to many of the millwork companies and contractors out. Product Code: WINBAG Reward Points: 0.

The WINBAG is a very powerful hand operated inflatable air cushion made of fiber reinforced material. A simple twist of the locking knob holds its shape firmly . It is designed to provide a maximum . Winbags are hand inflatable reinforced bags used to hol lift or position objects while they are being fixe levelled or installed. They give steady, precise . Perry supply Genuine WINBAG to the trade in the UK, Ireland and Europe.