Transom pad

Transom Pad , 450x360mm, White, White, 450mm, 360mm. Width x height, Thickness, Colour. Cheapest price, quick delivery, full warranty and fantastic service.

Tough, flexible rubber pads cushion motor vibrations and reduce . Moeller outboard transom pads protect the transom , cushion engine vibration, and reduce noise. Prevents outboard clamps from damaging the transom.

A light plastic transom pad for small boats size 2x 86mm. Reduces motor vibration noise. Be the first to review this product! Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed.

Price, $27 includes bow handle and rubber transom pad. Why use wood to make your transom pads when there is a new material that is virtually indestructible? These HDPE pads x x. Rubber pad is oil and weather resistant.

For motors up to and including hp.

Pads are generally used for inboards or for boats launched by sling or hook. There should be a full width transom pad , or combination of pads . Primary support areas for outboard boats are transom and keel. Full length TRANSOM PAD which must support maximum weight of all pads . Heavy black plastic pad that fastens to the dinghy transom to prevent wear from the outboard clamps.

The motor must also be carefully positioned on the overhanging transom pad to avoid any possibility of clipping the canoe hull with the turning propeller when . Available to order now with Worldwide delivery. The Anodized aluminium outboard transom pad has a strong non slip aluminium design. It prevents the otboard engine transom clamps from damaging the . Qty: Add to Cart Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Is there any problem in fitting the engine on the transom and putting a heavy duty rubber pad between engine and transom ? What can I use for a pad between the transom and engine?

Picture may differ from product, check the description and confirm your part numbers. Double click on above image to view full . PLASTIC TRANSOM PAD FOR OUTBOARDS. SECTION TO GO INSIDE TRANSOM = 115mm x .