Sliding house

London architects dRMM have designed a house with mobile walls and roof that can be moved to cover and uncover parts of the dwelling. Project Manager: Client project managed subcontracted packages. Cost Consultant: Client carried out own cost control. This is another update to the home page picture.

This one taken with spotlights and a full moon and no photo-shopping. Honest – the moon and the sky really did.

Dimension of Moving Roof: 52ft long, 20ft wide and 23ft high The exterior walls and roof of this house are actually a second. Sometimes photos aren´t enough to describe a project. A larch-enclosure was created that can be moved along . Sliding House by dRMM, a London based studio of international architects and designers. This self-build project presents a modern reinterpretation of the vernacular long-barns of Suffolk.

This extraordinary piece of experimental . Una casa in grado di spostarsi? Già le residenze estive di epoca gregoriana o vittoriana seguivano la .

Click on the Thumbnails to See The House In Motion When most people get tired of their home, or things feel a bit stale, we rearrange furniture . A radical new architectural design creates a house with a motorised sliding outer wall to provide flexibility in both appearance and behavior of . The glass house inside the structure you see here, . How I built my own sliding house. A highly flexible private residence, with sliding elements allowing the space to be reconfigured throughout. The clients for this project were looking for a rather . It may look like the sort of cube you . MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Limited is a Halifax-based firm offering architectural and urban design services to residential and institutional clients in . A sliding house in Suffolk, England where the shell moves to cover certain areas while exposing others. You can cover your pool, patio, or parking area.

The villa raises in the boundary line between country and the urban center, in a no longer agricultural area but not yet seen as residential. Unique twist on a conventional vernacular farm building consisting of three separated forms and one sliding structure enveloping the forms as it traverses the. This sliding house , built in Szczecinek (Poland), is an innovative mobile house that was designed with the plan to present customers with a wide range of our . Questa casa è composta da due corpi edilizi, uno rettangolare ed uno trapezoidale che formano una L, garantendo una corretta esposizione . This architectural landmark rests on a beautiful coastal headland and offers panoramic vistas onto ocean waves, distant cliffs, hills dotted with farmhouses, and . The brief was a self-build house in which the owner could retire, grow foo entertain and enjoy the landscape. The site offered a combination of the elements of .