Rollable tv screen

LG Display is demonstrating its latest prototype at CES, a rollable OLED TV that can roll inside its base when not in use. The video below shows this display. LG Display showcased its very first rollable OLED screen a few years ago at CES , but it was clearly in the prototype stage: Guy with white . A rollable display is a flexible display that can be rolled up into a scroll.

LG Display has debuted 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display just in time for CES that has us imagining all new kinds of places to put a TV. LG showing off futuristic new display technologies like transparent OLED or.

And how could I not be, witnessing a 4K OLED TV roll up almost like a newspaper? A trip to the LG Display booth to take a proper look at this rollable TV. Will your future television come in a tube? The 4K display measures inches when fully unfurled but can roll up like a poster into a base box that would make it easy to cart the TV.

It was only a few years ago that LG Display wowed us with an 18-inch OLED screen that could bend and be rolled up like paper. This new display is comparable to a retractable projector screen , . Worlds first 65-inch UHD Rollable OLED Display to be showcased. IJZgJjHCN— Martyn Landi .

The TV industry has undergone a massive transformation since the golden days of a bulky, attached boxed-up set with an antenna. WANT to clear some space in your lounge room? LG Displays is showing a concept of a rollable OLED TV at the annual CES Technology show in Las Vegas.

These have been around for a while and were more proof of concept for rolling and folding . This comes after their innovative . This year, LG has announced a 65-inch OLED TV prototype that can be rolled up like a newspaper. The flexible display makes it easy to store . The display specialist has unveiled a 65-inch OLED television , which can be rolled up like a newspaper. From the company that brought us the world’s first Wallpaper OLED TV , this 65in screen can be rolled up like a length of carpet. The new prototype comes after LG . Source: International Top . Have you ever wished you could roll up your TV and set it aside while you enjoy some relaxing time away from the screens in your life?

Some new details appear to have come to light about at least one feature of the 65-inch 4K rollable television LG Electronics first showed off . LG just announced a 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like a piece of paper. But why would you want a big, rollable TV ?