Rebate kit for double doors

A rebate kit for double doors is perfect for all double doors within your home that need a rebate kit fitted in conjunction with the door latch. Looking for rebate kits double doors ? Having been around in the industry for decades, Locks Online can help! The rebate kit for double doors can be fitted with tubular mortice door latch on double door installations within your home.

When installing locks or levers to a double door (french doors ) there is usually a need to attach rebate kits to the doors. Rebate kits for double doors allow the .

The purpose of the kit is . Symmetry Knob and Lever Series and Deadbolts can be converted for use on rebated double doors with a standard to 13mm rebate by using the Symmetry. T-piece Pair maker, is a rebate set to allow the formation of a door pair. Here at Handles4Doors we are experts in rebate kits for locks, we offer a huge. Howdens offer a choice of rebate kits for a pair of doors with rebated meeting stiles. A Mortise rebate kit used to allow a lock or latch mechanism to be fitted correctly on a pair of double opening rebated doors.

Category: Door Accessories Tag: . Suitable for double door types where a 12mm rebate is present.

Features generous tolerances to allow ease of installation and . Double doors that overlap and close on to each. A 13mm rebate set for converting mortice locks to fit in rebated pairs of double doors. You would require this product for double interior doors such French . Available in 13mm () only.

Required for wooden rebated double doors. Polished brass and satin chrome plate finish available. Supplied in PVD brass finish. A rebate kit to allow a tubular mortice latch or deadbolt to be used on a pair of rebated double or French doors.

When fitting double forended lock, remove outer forend to expose main fixing. Position and fit rebate striker to door jam, to suit mortice dead lock. Gainsborough Contractor Double Cylinder Deadbolt. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE.

A sash lock rebate kit from Zoo. This product is made in the UK. A door rebate is the part of a door frame, where the latch is attached to.

A small business located in the Black Country, we sell hardware suitable for most purposes.

Our hardware products can be found on our online store. HARDWARE SPECIFICATION FOR DOUBLE DOORS. If the doors have rebated meeting stiles a rebate kit will be required for the . External double doors such as . I arrived home last night to find that the new doors look goo however they wer. Need to buy a rebate kit to suit mortise. Solid White Oak double door rebate strip.

When fitted this looks considerably better and more natural than any of the . Era rebate kits , most often used on double doors , such as French doors , larger external and internal door ways are also often rebated.