Rear window shattered spontaneously

Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. Thermal stresses Can a rear car window spontaneously shatter? So I got in my car today and closed the door, I heard a cracking sound and didnt know what it was so I got out and closed the door again to go. Have you ever heard of a rear window.

Why did my back windshield spontaneously.

MY BACK GLASS SHATTERED while I WAS DRIVING! People want to REALLY know why their glass in their car shatters with no apparent . Any incidents of vehicle windows shattering for unknown reasons are . Anyone heard of spontaneous glass explosions before? Woke up this morning to find out that the rear windshield was in complete shatters.

It did not seem like there . This is the back windshield. Mysteriously cracked into a million pieces.

Commuting home from work, exiting the Lincoln Tunnel, at the 1:mark, my rear driver door window just. Hi, Has anyone ever had a rear windscreen shatter for no apparent reason? Just kind of exploded from the inside out. I think we can explain this. My da then about 9 took it . Rear Window Spontaneous shatter.

I was driving my car over the weekend and my rear wind shield started randomly falling apart in my car. I removed the last bag out of the trunk and when I slammed the trunk lid shut, the rear window glass exploded into thousands of bits of glass . My erear window shattered with no outside influence. Apparently this type of glass is known to spontaneously explode from time to time due to.

I was driving to work today on the highway going about 65mph when all of a sudden my rear window shattered , or really exploded , . Nothing leaning against it, no ice or snow on it, the . I found the rear window shattered. Any glass can spontaneously shatter , as most types have various internal stresses which can be fine until . A string of highly publicized window shattering incidents that all. Driver says her F-1window spontaneously shattered.

While the trooper sat in his patrol car, the rear window of the Buick shattered. Officials are speculating the window may have shattered upon .