Mortice lock for wooden gates

A mortice deadlock gives you the ability to unlock or lock the . Mortise lock with 1 stainless steel mechanism. This model is specially designed for wood gates. The adjustable latch bolt in combination with the stainless . Stainless steel insert lock for wooden gates.

These locks can be fitted into a mortice on the edge of a gate or door.

They are ideal for use on wooden gates where the long 30mm throw gives plenty of . Sometimes however, we need to lock those gates as well as keeping them closed. We have a range of gate locks and latches suitable for metal and wooden gates , and can also advise on access control solutions and master keying to work with . Signet products include locks designed for easy retro-fitting, like screw-fixed locks for wooden gates , and bolt-on locks for fitting onto metal gates. Intruders will often target wooden back or side gates.

Gatemate Long Throw Rim Lock for Wood Gates Installation Instructions. Exclusively Gatemate distributed by. A double gate with raised panels painted piano style.

Suits mid weight wooden and metal gates , ideal for homes and gardens.

Softwood Timber Jakcured Products are guaranteed against all wood -boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot . Mortice Lock for Jacksons Courtyard Gates. Explore our large range of mortice gate locks and rim gate locks for both metal and wooden gates. We carry the AMF Metal Gate Locks kit which comes complete . When choosing a gate also look at the size of the timber used for the backing.

The next level of gate up from this would be one which is manufactured using mortice. Central Closing Gate Catch for Town and Country Wooden Gates. Traditional latch and catch systems and slide bolts can be upgraded to a mortice lock , fully built into your gate and compatible with any style.

Contact us if you need help finding Gate Locks. Heavy Duty Locking Bolt – 450mm – Galvanised. CISA provides wide range of strong wooden door locks using a serious.

Lots of advice and tips to make the fitting of these products as hassle free as possible, all locks are available in a brass . Gatesplus has a wide range of locks for every application from sliding and swinging gates , ranging from. A better one like a Chubb mortice lock has mostly brass working . Gate Locks Outside gates can be difficult to lock and secure due to their large. Gate Locks are designed to be fitted to a metal or wooden gate in order to.