Intumescent cat flap

Metal frame lined with intumescent and fire resistant sponge, to fit over existing. Intumescent animal flap protector for fire-rated doors. In a fire the intumescent material expands, fills the hole and maintains the integrity of the fire door. Your standard finish is: white. A metal box which houses an intumescent strip designed for standard cat and dog flaps (not supplied).

Thus according to the manufacturers makes a cat flap on a fire door fire.

If a cat or dog flap is required in a fire door , Environmental. Seals Ltd have designed and now manufacture intumescent units to be used with conventional pet . Fire Rated Cat Flap to Plymouth Community Homes Property. To be used in conjunction with louvered air transfer grills, Cat. In case of fire, the intumescent fire-barrier plug expands with the heat and closes.

Hodgson Sealants Firestrip and Firestrip intumescent glazing strip sealants are tested and approved for use with various fire resistant . We offer a wide range of fire rated sealants and intumescent glazing tapes designed specifically for the glazing market. Important information for flat owners.

Some cat flaps and letterboxes – must have. FD– half hour fire door to BS 4Part with intumescent heat seals. Letterboxes or other openings (e.g. cat flaps ) must be made with. Sheet Universal Door Closer pad.

I have heard a person say they leave all their doors open because they have a cat. Or is there an intumescent smoke seal (or combination) fitted? Doors should not have any large openings in them, such as cat flaps. In a building sense, an intumescent product is used to describe a passive fire.

Mills and Teags, Dog and Cat flaps. Find this Pin and more on DIY Health by . INTUMESCENT FIRE AND SMOKE STOP PILLOW. SDS stock half hour intumescent fire door seals with brush for up to one hour fire doors.

What is an intumescent seal? To retain the integrity of FDand FDfire resisting doors use these fire rated letter . Everything you need to know about fire door regulations, requirements and quality. How to install a catflap on a wooden door . Any breach in the door (perhaps in the shape of a letterbox, cat flap etc.) has to be protected with intumescent material otherwise the fire door .

Retractable door seal StarTec. FirePlug Surface Mounted Strip Colour: White with brush seal When fire strikes, gaps around doors allow fire and smoke to spread. This can be stopped by fitting. Generally the fitting of standard letter boxes, door viewers, cat flaps etc will undermine the effectiveness of . Only one company that I know of offers a fire-ready pet door. PVC-faced sponge, so that it is smooth for the cat.

I have recently put a cat flap into the door (which leads into my hallway).