How to repair wetsuit hole

The rips and tears are much easier to fix when they are small, and will grow if they go unnoticed. Learn how to repair a wetsuit to make it last longer. A proper sew and stitch job will extend the lifetime of your second skin.

We break down the steps needed to fix a hole or small tear in your wetsuit ! You will need some type of wetsuit cement or wetsuit adhesive.

It can be frustrating to surface from a dive or prepare for an upcoming scuba diving trip, only to find that your expensive wetsuit has a tear in it. So you farted too hard while surfing, and blew a hole in your wetsuit. It happens to the best of us. Or something like that anyways.

Here are a few tips and instructions on how to repair the wetsuit yourself. If the hole is small enough you can actually just use a special . Triathletes can patch a wetsuit tear in just a few minutes to keep their wetsuits fast and lasting long. Just because you tore a hole in your wetsuit , it definitely isn’t.

Wetsuit repair is easier than you might think. We show you how to fix a tear in your wetsuit using Seal Cement, an amazing little substance. Hi, The image, was taken from the Patagonia Australia website. The good news about these tears is you can easily repair them at home with a few drops of. Gently pinch open the tear in the wetsuit to expose both surfaces.

If your wetsuit has suffered a puncture, remember that little holes tend to become big holes , so repair it immediately and check regularly for . Know when (and how) to fix your suit so it will last through multiple race seasons. Every wetsuit is going to end up with fingernail cuts and nicks . There is no reason that the gluing or repair needs to look like a gloppy mess. We can not guarantee a repair of another brands wetsuit due to these different.

If the tear is minor then we may be able to glue down the tear and melco over it . We are not going to delve into the ins and outs of what wetsuit you. Perfect for rips, holes , splits, open or unstitched seams. NON-WARRANTY REPAIRS cover damage due to normal wear and tear or damage. Long time lurker, first time poster here.

In some cases, you can repair the damage yourself.

UK based wetsuit repair centre for both individuals and warranty. Should the neoprene tear , too much water will flush into the suit reducing the efficiency. Neoprene is durable but can be delicate and it can tear if you catch it on. We used a tooth pick to spread it onto and into the wetsuit hole as well as the patch.

We put parchment paper on the wetsuit other side to keep the glue on the.