How to fit a suffolk latch

Customers often ask how to fit them, so here is a . More Handles explains how to fit a traditional suffolk thumb latch to your door. Drill a row vertically of No 6mm holes one . Mark a line 75mm from the edge of the door. Drill holes mm diameter, centres 20mm apart, along this line.

Hi We have just had lovely match and brace doors made for our cottage and have bought some suffolk latches from here. Read the Quality Ironmongery simple installation guide about how to fit a suffolk gate latch to a gate. They give a period look to a gate, shed or door, and are easy to use and install. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in minutes.

This latch requires a minimum of 5. Establish a desired position of thumb piece, normally about 4” from ground . The latch will bend if the . The design allows a gate to be opened from either side.

It is of strong steel construction with an attractive . To download a printable pdf version . If you have ever fitted a suffolk latch , then you will know that the handle can only open the door away from you, because the bar can not pass . Commonly used on traditional ledge and braced doors. Latch Plate : 180mm x 45mm. Handcrafted solid oak Suffolk latch set complete with latch bar, keep, staple, brass screws and fitting instructions. SUFFOLK LATCH GATE GARDEN SHED THUMB CLASP: Home Improvement.

Suffolk gate latch in a heavy duty design from Asec Security with a black finish. Simple and easy to use and fit , this Suffolk latch can be fitted to external gates to. Double Strap Field Gate Bottom Band £5.

Metal Gate Weld On Fitting £1. Easy to fit and works well. To ensure you are getting the perfect fit for your home – locks, latches and other internal mechanisms are sold separately. Each handle contains the pair for each.

A traditional basic operation gate latch. When the thumb latch is depressed this raises the latch bar on the other side of the gate from its keep allowing the gate to. Black Antique traditional stylish thumb gate latch.

Supplied with all fixings and fitting instructions. BZP steel, the No Suffolk latch comes complete with all the screws required for fitting. The staple pin accompanies our thumb latch and is an easy and effective way of making any bedroom or bathroom. View: Sort by: OrderNo – ascending .