How do you stop condensation on double glazed windows

Why do you get condensation on the inside of a window ? One of the main advantages of a double – glazed window is its ability to prevent heat . How to stop condensation on double glazed windows in winter – a great range of suggestions to get the best from your double glazing . Interior window condensation is caused by excessive moisture in the house, and. Condensation forming on the windows is a problem in many homes. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times, to prevent water vapour from . Plastic, double – glazed windows often make condensation worse, because they are airtight.

Your old metal windows were probably draughty . As a result, moisture from the warm air forms condensation on the cold surface, turning into mould. Install double – glazing to prevent condensation year round. Where possible, try to dry your clothes outdoors to prevent excess moisture from.

I had condensation in between the double glazing of one of my window.