High security glass

When safety and security are a must, Guardian offers a wide array of performance glass products to meet your needs. Business of Security Glass manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in. We are keenly affianced in offering a high -class collection of Security Glass to our.

Modern window technology counteracts these problems and dangers with individual and effective solutions. An investment in high -tech security windows is the .

ATTACK-RESISTANT high -performance security glass intended to prevent forced entry and to resist vandalism for a specified time. Classifications: P6B – P8B. Accidents happen and vandalism can happen too. Make sure you are covered against both with our range of high performance safety and security glass.

Laminated glass , used in enhanced security doors and windows, again makes very little noise when broken because of the plastic interlayer that is designed to. Video that demonstrates the varying levels of security provided by different grades of security glass. Protecting people and property is our mission – with our range of high – security glass we enable customers and partners to join our mission in making this world.

Enhanced security glass helps protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of forced . Protection for people and property – High Security in glass. STADIP PROTECT is a laminated safety glass which offers differing combinations and thicknesses of . We specialize in high security products that will allow your businesses to run effectively . Physical security glass from Romag is an anti-intruder, and anti-bandit glass. Our security glass is available in all conceivable special designs and is used in a. For museums, jewellers, high -value private properties, art collectors and . Our large range of security glass products can provide a solution to cover all.

Trust in the security provided by true professionals for your offices or shops. Security Display Cases – High quality engineering and construction, reinforced glass , reinforced doors, pry resistant locks. This heavy -duty lock from Prime-Line is made of hardened steel and can.

Ballistic and security glass is made up of layers of strong polycarbonate plastic sandwiched between tempered glass lites with laminating interlayers. That large, sliding glass patio door that you love because it lets in so much. Security bars are strong metal bars that attach to one side of the . Together with Smartglass International we offer the highest level of Security Glass , we have designed and certified a range of glass solutions to offer security to . Strength of Security Glass Block.

When it comes to fabricating the highest quality glass block window panels, glass block mortar is a thing of the . Rivers high security windows are custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the security risk. Security Sliding Door for Selective Vision into High Security Areas . We specialise in combination glazed security doors and windows and can be made to provide vision and natural light even in high security areas. Along with our range of security doors, Shield designs and manufactures custom security windows such as our patented ballistic single-hung window , the only . All glass and structural panels are securely fixed to the case framework. Higher levels of security can be achieved by securing all edges of glass within a metal . Ambassador Window Repairs provides high security windows and locks to suit all needs.

We provide this service across Dublin City and surrounding counties. In major high -rise building lobbies with high pedestrian traffic and the need for controlled. Saint-Gobain provides high -performance solutions to the defense, security , and.

Security window film is comprised of either optically clear, tinted or.