Glass hearth for wood burning stove

Multifuel stoves available. We sell Range Cookers and . Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, we also offer a range of . Glass Hearths are ideal for wood burning stoves. We bring to you a wide range of high quality glass hearths made to the highest standards.

Glass hearths and glass floor plates for wood burning stoves and all other fueled stoves. Many colours and shapes available at low prices. The Contura 5is a circular stove which lends itself to having a circular hearth. Here we made a bespoke clear glass hearth for the fire to sit on as you have to . Hearth regulations for wood burning stoves : glass hearth If your stove is freestanding in a room and therefore NOT going into a recess under a . Wood stove hearth pads are generally specified by the manufacturer of the stove. Stovax Riva Vision on black glass floor plate.

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By having a coloured glass floor plate the area directly around the stove. The last time we dealt with glass hearths they were made to US specs only and. A mate has a glass hearth under a suspended wood burning stove.

The stove burns stupidly hot, and the glass saves their wood floor from . These glass hearths look great over a nice timber floor but can be used over carpet. Wood used for burning in stoves and slow combustion wood heaters must . Chris required a 12mm thick cleartoughened glass fireplace hearth for protecting his wooden floor from a wood burning stove. By law, if placing your wood burning stove on a combustable surface like a wooden floor you must use a floor plate. Our toughened glass stove plates are . This light-colored tempered glass hearth pad will add elegance to your decor. GLASS HEARTHS MUST BE AT LEAST 12mm THICK TO MEET BUILDING.

Im planning to install a new stove (probably Westfire Uniq 16) on a new oak suspended floor in my extension. Manufacturers of pedestal type . If your wood burning stove produces less than 100°C heat, a 12mm glass. The standard glass hearth will not only protect your combustible floor, it will add a . Please notice that the floor hearths should cover minimum 300mm in front of the wood burning stove , and 150mm on each side. We recommend to place a thin .

Distributor of wood burning , multi fuel, inset and free standing stoves with retailers across. Picture of Glass Floor Plate. This Westfire Inset Stove Glass floor plate is perfect for an inset stove to sit on. No need to rely on oil or gas to heat your home — new woodstove designs. Give the Hearth a Beautiful Finish With Colorful Glass , Ceramic or . These 12mm thick tempered glass hearths can sit directly on top of wooden flooring . Citigas Emergency Gas Services Ltd Tag glass hearth.

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