Fitting venetian blinds outside recess

Fitting blinds inside or outside the recess can be a tough decision. Although the top of the window will be partially covered by the blind , this . Decide where to fit your blind. Unsure whether your blinds should be fitted inside or outside the recess ? When close blinds fitted inside the recess cover the window but can leave. Deduct A from B and divide by two to give you the .

In this video, Michael takes you through the very quick and easy installation steps for your Aluminium Venetian. You may need to deduct around 10mm from your measurements to make sure your venetian blinds fit inside the recess snugly. If you find you need to fit outside. But if your window has a recess you have the option of fitting the blind inside or outside. All our blinds can be fitted onto the face ( Outside Mount) of your window frame or wall, or to the top of the inside window recess.

Windows look well dressed with blinds fitted outside the recess. As the blind is mainly off the window. Blinds outside the recess are easy to fit.

A recess blind fits inside the window recess (the box your window sits inside).

How do I measure my window for blinds ? You can always fit your blind outside your window recess. Simply measure the area you would like your blind to cover. Normally we recommend that this is 5cm. To measure for a blind intended to fit outside the window recess we. We stock both wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds , so you can decide if a. Choosing to fit your blind outside the recess is generally an easier option and is . Expert guides on how to measure for roman blinds and how to fit them to your.

Outside the recess can make the window look but is ideal for windows with . This is the measurement you will need to take if you want you blind to fit outside the window recess. When fitted the blind will overlap the window. Outside recess fitting describes blinds that hang outside of the window recess.

Measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover as shown as a width and . Reveal Fixed with cut out. Blind is fitted outside the window recess , on the face of the wall.