Fitting rim lock outward opening door

Trouble is that one of the doors opens into the room you go into, while the other open outward (into the hallway). You can also search for outward opening rim lock in the following places:. Yale Outward Opening Door Nightlatch Yale can operate on outward. AC Fitting Rim Access Operation Fail Locked Body Width 111mm Hi guys.

Where an outward opening door needs a Yale Standard Rim Lock , use a Yale Outward Opening Plate that will also fit the Asec Equivalent Lock.

CARE OF YOUR CYLINDER RIM LOCK :. Its “grown up”, more secure partner is the cylinder rim lock with a deadlock. Night latches and Yale locks can be reversed for outward opening doors. A rim lock or latch sits on the surface of the door whereas mortice locks. These types of square spindles will fit both rim locks , rim latches as well. Check: Some doors that open outwards may not be suitable for a rim lock or . Electric-Strike-Release- Adaptor-Plate-for.

Getting to grips with the Yale No.

For more information on this lock or lock change from Alexandra. YALE Reverse Strikes for outward opening doors , model number 89LTSP and 89STSP, Suits most Yale type. Rim Lock Nightlatches are fitted on the face of the door , rather than being . A cylinder rim lock with a deadlock has a key for the outside and a knob operated.

Make outward opening wooden French doors and windows more secure by . Ingersoll SCCylinder Rim High Security Door Lock (SC71). It is basically a flat plate that is fitted. Alexandra Locksmith specialise in a wide range of rim locks and nightlatches. Reverse strike plates or keeps are available for outward opening doors. Yale Essentials High Quality Traditional 60mm Night Latch Front Door Lock for Secure Homes with Easy Fitting Template and Instructions, Yale.

I had to take it apart as the door opens outwards , rather than inwards, and the insides are . A mortice lock is one that is fitted inside the edge of the door. This means rim locks are only suitable for inward – opening doors. I have an outward opening wooden door , which one of your locks would I be able.

Anti-thrust plate An overlapping metal plate fitted to outward opening doors so. Bolt The part of a lock or latch which provides the fastening or engagement by. Dependant on model (mortice or rim mount) electric strikes work in conjunction.

If the door contains a multi-point lock it is likely to be impossible to fit an electric strike. An area of concern is fitting electric strikes to outward opening doors. We can supply and fit any nightlatch to increase your security at your. French (Double leaf) outward opening doors should be fitted with additional key . DOOR ENTRY – MOUNTING PLATE FOR OUTWARD OPENING.

Some rim fitting night latches (e.g. Yale 89) can be fitted to outward opening doors (the bolt is reversed). Universal lock protection plate – stainless steel. I am fitting a bog standard rim lock with a latch and key operated mortise lock.

As most French Doors are outward opening , the addition of hinge bolts is also . With outward opening doors its quite easy to lock the door and frame.