Door fitting jig

Find great deals on eBay for Door Jig in Power Routers. Supplied with cwb cutters: 1 and 25. JIGDOOR LOCK MORTISER KIT. The maximum distance of the lock.

Bullet Point Minutes Door Lock Mortiser Jig Kit With Three Cutters. X Jig Kit Door Lock Mortiser. Increases accuracy and speed of mortice cutting. All parts are replaceable with three cutters (18mm, 22mm, 25mm).

This very precise drilling jig is designed specifically to guide the drilling bit to cut mortices for door locks and their faceplates. It is quick and simple to set up, self . Jigtech is changing the door handle and latch fitting world! Saving over of the time it would usually take to install with 1 accuracy every time. An Ingenious Door Fitting Jig. The Quick fit handle jig pack can save you twenty minutes with every handle installed.

Set up the Handle Hole Drilling Jig to line up with the holes on the handles that you are planning to use. Hold the handle against the jig so you can see which . You can fit all doors and fit the locks into the fitted door , what a absolute dodle. Installing Doors , Windows, Base, and Crown Craig Savage.

To trim small amounts of wood off the end of a door , a cut-off jig is handy. Now I am working again and need a new Lock Jig from Screwfix. When sizing doors to fit large cases, I make an adjustable jig that allows me to fine-tune individual doors to the case opening. On large cases, openings can shift . Use a band saw or jig saw to cut the profile on the panel. Jig to accurately cut mortices and face plates using your power drill.

Particuarly fast and accurate on doors from 30mm – 55mm thick. Whenever you are drilling a new door to fit handles or locks, the MOST. The kit consists of the jig itself, – which fits on the end of the door , to help you drill . Can be used on wooden or ( with special cutters) aluminium doors. The self-centring jig cuts marking-up time.

I purchased this kit a few years ago and had not used the door drilling jig before. The larger holes weaken the door and a make a loose fitting lock.