Door chock

One of the most important but least talked about firefighting tools is the door chock. Proper use of door chocks will improve every fireground . Reach up and take that wedge-shaped piece of woo known as a door chock, out of its resting place on your helmet. Fold up door chock, it with 1percent warranty coverage.

Our line of door wedges, door stays and handi chocks are an essestial for any first responder. Take a look at our standard chocks and wedges and also take a .

I found that you can use these handheld spring-loaded clamps as door chocks. You can clip them to any edge of a door and it will hold it in the . It works as a spanner wrench, a simple door chock ,. Lightweight Door Chock holds door open all the time — everytime! Door chocks are used by firefighters to prop doors open and prevent pinching hoses.

Learn about different door. Available now from Niton999. To view further details about this product, please visit .

The wooden door wedge or “chock” as it is commonly labele is one of the simplest and most effective tools we as firefighters can carry. The FatIvan door chock allows you to chock open any hinged door in seconds. This unique tool will work in the top, middle or bottom hinges so there is no . One way to ensure safe and proper ingress and egress is to simply hold a door open by means of a wedge. A hinge mounted door chock is provided with an inverted J-shaped configuration.

A first short leg is connected to a parallel longer and wider second leg by a . Magnetic Chock is a supplier and distributor of magnetic door chocks offering a safe, simple and secure method to keep doors ajar for firefighters, EMT, cleaners. Go by the local hardware store. They sell rubber door chocks. Buy ONE, come by the lowes or home depot and buy some lumber and make . Magnet is embedded in the tool underneath the reflective tape.

Plain and Simple – These door chocks are made from a high strength polymer to provide years of use and abuse. Posts about Door Chocks written by Chris Sterricker. Fat Ivan Fold up Door Chock.

The entire tool is made from strong heat rated engineered plastic and is zinc plated for 1 corrosion resistance. Magnets are embedded in the tool underneath the reflective tape. Corrosion resistant, engineered plastic . An open door could be the difference between life and death.