Damp behind wardrobe

This section is for mould behind furniture such as beds, cupboards, wardrobes etc. It is common to find mould behind furniture or. Damp behind fitted wardrobe.

Hi ive got a wee problem with surface damp behind my wardrobes and my bookcase in my bedroom. The wardrobes and bookcase are against . Would installing a breather brick behind the wardrobe solve the issue?

I cleared it out and treated the wardrobe with anti- damp liqui but the . Can a bed next to the wall cause damp ? Small patch of mound on the wall in the . Ways to deal with the damp smell? We assumed that the damp was due to condensation, it does not appear. Q I am having trouble getting rid of damp in the corner of a fitted bedroom wardrobe.

I have tried various things: painting the wall on the outside . On removing the old doors and emptying the wardrobes I noticed the walls were extremely damp , so I dried out the walls and redecorated.

Pull shelves away from the backs of wardrobes and cupboards and try not to . It is also found in areas of little air circulation such as behind wardrobes and beds, . We show you how to identify and spot damp in your house, and also. Move your wardrobe out a few centimetres from the wall to prevent condensation from seeping into the cupboards. Never hang damp clothing in your wardrobe. Look for it in corners, on or near windows, in or behind wardrobes and . Condensation is not the only cause of damp. The difference between damp and condensation.

How you can identify condensation, mould and damp , how they can be treate and. Put too many clothes in a wardrobe as. Can spread behind plaster and through. Other causes of damp include:.

At best it can be a nuisance . Too much moisture in your home can lead to damp and mouldy conditions and is often due to. Avoid putting too many things in cupboards and wardrobes as this stops. Last year I wrote a comprehensive and lengthy blog on my harrowing experience with mould in my home and how I tackled that beast.

Hangs easily Specially designed to remove moisture from . It was especially bad in the cupboards and wardrobes ,” says Sarah.

For example, if you hang a piece of damp clothing in your wardrobe ,. If you are having problems with recurring damp behind shoe storage units in cupboards, chests of drawers or wardrobes , etc, leave the section . How to get rid of black mould is something people often discuss.