Covering drain covers in a lawn

Rather thatn turf around the manhole cover which is (a) unattractive and (b) not ideal to have in an area where three small boys and there . I have a large concrete man-hole cover in the middle of my lawn. So, I am trying to find an ingenious way to cover this eyesore and leave the little lawn we have available as a suitable play area for our two very . Horrible looking drains and manhole covers appear in driveways and footpaths. You can even find them in the middle of your lawn or garden!

Want a green lawn yar this is a septic tank lid. The big problem, is that the main sewers for the area run through our meagre lawn , and we need to leave the inspection cover accessible, . I had thought of laying pavers or slabs, and covering the manhole covers with pebbles and plants in tubs. Perhaps I should mention that the . Responsibility for manhole covers. You can get Grasstop manhole covers for lawns and boarders etc from.

Our unique grass topped covers easily hide ugly manholes in your lawn ! Water drainage , double geotextile layer – perfect for growing healthy grass.

The customer wants to cover a manhole that is about 2. Unsightly and frankly ugly drain covers in nice manicured lawns are silly and unnecessary. Our range of grass lawn drain covers are . Why do we put up with manholes in our garden? Every time I walk past the manhole in my lawn I seethe with upset, my garden is so pretty neat . So do they make some kind of grasstop manhole cover like what I seen upon googling here in Perth? Any other tips how to cover it up? Ideally, I would love to replace it with a cover that grass could grow on.

My lawn also has a circular drain cover in a rather prominent position. Does anyone have any ideas on how to hide a manhole cover ? Mine is in the front garden smack in the middle of the lawn ! Check out this short step-by-step guide on how to lower a manhole in. Manhole Covers for Circular Mini.

Available only from EcoGrid and its partners, GrassTop manhole covers are the ideal garden solution for replacing obtrusive drains in lawns , . You could also choose to fill a manhole cover with gravel, or buy one in which you can lay turf. And if you need to inspect the drain, you can lift the tray out using.

TURFTOPSTM – artificial grass mats for manhole covers. Lawn fertilizers, with, or without pesticides, create HUGE damage to fish . How about lowering it altogether and covering with topsoil and then grass to remove it from . We have a manhole cover in our back garden made from concrete. Shop our selection of Drain Grates in the Plumbing Department at The Home Depot.

Proper lawn drainage is easy to install as long as a few basic rules are. Landscaping fabric can be used to line the trench and to cover the . And what purpose does it serve?