Blind cord lock away

Free Delivery on orders over £50. Click to view our blind safety cord lock away wan Great quality and affordable prices at Terrys Fabrics. This is a small investment for serious peace of mind. If you have roller blinds venetian blinds vertical blinds or anything.

A new blind safety device, designed to be the simplest, safest and most . Safety product for house blinds with a cord. We strongly recommend that you move beds, cots and furniture. Cord Break Away roman blind components, which components work best for you ? Blind safety is a must and. Cord lock – away – using a plastic rod that covers the cor the blinds are . Salford-based Speedy Products has developed the Cord Lock Away to prevent toddlers getting tangled in continuous-looped blind cords and . Cord lock away is a child safety device, compatible with looped cords and chains. Specially created with child safety in min this system encloses the chain or cord within it and attached to the wall to keep little hands away from the . Push tilt rod away from the cord lock just far enough to allow room to.

Cord Lock for Roman Austrian Shades lock the lift cords in place to set the. This makes the cords last longer and allows the cord lock to be mounted away from the. Perfect for use with Roman or Austrian shades, or other window shade. Full size of child safety window blinds cord lock away installed baby nursery s cord lock away the is obscured and kept safely concealed in a .