Aluminium repair paste

Buy Hy-Poxy H-4Alumbond 6. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. LOCTITE Metal-filled Compounds repair , rebuild and restore damaged. TECHNICQLL EPOXY ALUMINIUM PASTE FOR REPAIRS OF CRACKED HEADS AND ENGINE BLOCKS, FUEL TANKS,RADIATORS, OIL PANS . I have seen this aluminium repair paste but I cannot find it anywhere now so could you give me some brands and names please guys.

A independent test of this paste to repair metal an aluminum.

Has hour cure time hr super strong cure. The non-rusting, non magnetic dependable inert . A metal-fille epoxy repair paste designed for maintenance and repair work. Aluminium -filled repair epoxy for maintenance and repair work to aluminium and. Lab-metal ready-to-use repair compound spreads like paste and hardens quickly into metal.

Fills dents and flaws easily . This meant that anything that was made of aluminum ended up in the trash or stayed damaged. Now you can repair those items easily with our kit and a propane . Easy to use waterproof adhesive patching kit.

Two-component, high strength epoxy paste for the repair of punctures or cracks. Repair holes or cracks of the . Aluminium filled pourable epoxy liquid for making moulds, patterns and fixings. For torch and furnace brazing, the flux is mixed with water to make paste.

Paste thixotrop thixotrop. Eliminates dangerous welding. Complete kit contains everything required for making professional-quality permanent repairs in just minutes.

Davids ISOPON Aluminium Mesh product description. This can be achieved by the use of aluminium or plastic mesh, or aluminium tape. Extra hardeners can be purchased separately. Available colors: Mahogany, Pine, Gray ( Aluminum ) . The Aluminum paste flows at 395°F, far below the melting point of aluminum. A versatile polyester filler reinforced with aluminium flakes for high adhesion.

Ideal for metallic alloy wheels, aluminium panels or restorations for a metallic . ULTRA BOND aluminium repair rod is a strong, easily applied weld or braze for repairing or fabricating aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Versatile durable two-part epoxy compounds for maintenance and repair of a broad range of equipment. Cured repairs can be drille tappe . Epirez 324A Electrical Epoxy Compound Kit.

Requires cutting fluid for drilling and tapping.

Cuts easier than cast iron. Very easy to oversize and egg-shape drilled holes.