Mortice lock measurements

Here at Lock Shop Direct we stock over 1different mortice locks and latches. To browse the full range please select here. However we know that measuring a. Your complete guide to measuring door locks and latches, so that you.

UNION lever mortice locks can be supplied individually keye keyed alike, key to.

It is common to find mortice door locks fitted to a front door or a back door. In this section you will find a good selection mortice locks suitable for all types of door . Look on the edge of the lock (faceplate) for any Names and numbers, i. It is quite straightforward to fit a mortice lock to a wooden door but it does require accurate measurements and cutting so that the mortice lock and striker plate fit . Measure the important parts before you order a mortice lock. Backset is the most important part of a deadlock.

A short video from Lock Shop Direct that explains the correct way to measure the various parts of a Mortice. How to measure for a mortise lock : Measure stile of door ( measurement from edge of door to edge of paneling or glass, see A on diagram at right).

Measuring your Door for a Mortice Deadlock. A simple deadlock (deadbolt) is an effective and easy way to boost the security of your house. How to change a Mortice Lock – A mortice lock is secured using two screws one at.

It is then important to measure your lock, measure it from front to back it will . If you are replacing a mortice lock , it is important that you know the size of the your existing lock to ensure that your new. Buy Mortice Locks at Screwfix. Knowing which type of Mortice Lock you are replacing is very important to taking the measurements needed.

A Mortice Deadlock is more . Mortice locks are sized by the depth of the lock case and the. Euro Cylinder Roller Bolt Mortice Lock Satin Stainless Finish. Simply measure from the edge of the door to the centre of the keyhole. Click here to download fixing instructions.

These locks have various latching functions which can be operated by key or handle outside and. Series Cylinder Mortice Locks are made from quality materials to meet high. Order online now for free in-store collection.

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