Geze swing door operator

With the unique operator height of just seven centimetres, the drives of the . Like all Slimdrive operators , it is characterised by an unchallenged low operator. The door opener is supplied with current, preventing manual opening of the. Being low maintenance operators, these play.

Automatic Swing doors from GEZE. We are distributors of Geze.

The active door opener prevents that the door can be opened manually. To leave the toilet, the . TSA 160NT is electrically controlle hydro-mechanical swing door system for single leaf woo aluminum or steel doors of either single or double. Supply price only New unit Push or pull month warranty Operator. AUTOMATIC UNDER FLOOR OPERATOR. Swing door systems with integrated closing sequence control (IS) …. Door closers GEZE have been inspected and certified in accor-.

EMD-F is an electromechanical drive system for swing doors that is particularly suitable. Part of the Slimdrive 7cm range, the EMD-F is a highly compact operator.

This consists of the automatic GEZE TSA 1NT Z-Invers swing – door operator for use on fire- and emergency escape route doors and for doors which function . GEZE automatic swing door systems. The most advanced online specifying tool for construction professionals. Low wear, maintenance free high . Powerturn information for operators. Our automatic doors in also include automatic folding door gear, sliding door controls, telescopic sliding doors and automatically opening swing door operators.

Electro-magnetic hold open floor spring – allows a fire door to be held open. The swing door systems from GEZE make going through a door easier in the event that . GEZE SWING DOOR SYSTEMS VARIE BARRIER-FREE AND Read more about systems, swing ,. Slide Arm for the Geze EMD swing door operator. Geze SL sliding door operator carriage with Anti Tilt rollers. For each bus system, a maximum of ten air locks each with up to ten door control. Emergency exit door opener with latch lock or holding magnet with assembly set.

Accessories for the door closer and floor spring. Product Specification GEZE swing door drives Slimdrive EMD.