Focus bonnet lock replacement

NEW GENUINE FORD FOCUS BONNET LOCK REPAIR KITTHIS KIT COMES COMPLETE WITH THE BOWDEN CABLE AND LOCK ASSEMBLY PARTS AND . This kit contains the bowden cable, the lock barrel core and a kit of tumbler slides. Alternatively you can swap. Shop with confidence on eBay!

The ford focus can suffer from the bonnet lock not opening.

The bonnet is opened from the out side of the car behind the grill with a key. Search Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for ford focus bonnet lock Replacement Parts . Hope someone can help, the bonnet release on my ford focus isnt working :cry:. This is a very boring minute long video. Broken ford focus (06) bonnet lock replacement mechanism version 2. See my previous vid for lock removal.

Went to check my oil at the weekend on my MKFocus but the bonnet lock will not open when turned with the key. They said I would need the barrel replacing.

The common cause of this problem is actually replacing the grill and . This item is perfect to repair your worn out broke bonnet catch , I think someone with little knowledge of cars will struggle without a diagram , Took. Ford Focus bonnet lock mechanism. MKII Focus is the bonnet release cable gromet comes away from the lock release.

Replace the trouble some OE locking mechanism with. Find ford focus bonnet lock ads. For Focus Mkbonnet lock and key Good working condition £Matching . A bonnet lock ensures it is impossible to open your bonnet unless you unlock it. These parts work together to protect your engine from the elements and to . Get a free car door lock cylinder replacement quote online at ClickMechanic. Bonnet lock repair , bonnet opening.

And re installed with same car key. Question – I cant open the bonnet on my ford focus cc, the key turns – JA. Focus ST MkDiscussion: Just went to check the oil and water, and yep you guessed it . Turn to the right to pop the bonnet then turn to the left to open the.

My Focus lock mechanism sort of un lactched its elf and other than. I have a plate focus and the key turns all the way to the left and right but.

I have tried pushing the lock in as suggested in other threads on here but. New cars and used cars, motorbikes, boats and more . Order recycled car parts and get prices from PartsWorld. We have everything ranging from panels, lights.

Oct at 13:by Boss Auto Spares in . Sigh, mine went yesterday and need to replace a bulp, Human Auto in.