Window opening control device

The Marvin Family of Brands is committed to safety. This pair will outfit complete window. The devices are installed on both sides of the sash and . Because egress windows require a relatively large opening, homeowners must. Marvin debuted a new window opening control device to meet new child safety standards focused on preventing falls.

No fabrication required – cavity fitting.

When disengage it allows. Yes, Pella double- and single-hung windows, casement and awning windows and sliding windows have the option for a window opening control device. Place latch in hole provided with flat surface of latch toward the sash.

SH unit will be on the right jamb above the meeting rail. Press the WOCD device into the hole, with the flat surface towards the sash using firm pressure until it snaps in place and is flush with the surface of the frame. WINDOW OPENING CONTROL DEVICE. WOCD limits the sash opening to less than inches.

Close and lock your windows when children are present.

For ventilation, open only those windows children cannot reach. Never depend on insect screens to. Window in closed position. The window opening control device , after operation to release the control device allowing the.

Place track on bottom corner and tight against vertical . Standard Pack: 2per box. Special Features: Control device for wood windows. Visit to learn more about stopping window falls with window safety hardware.

With the deletion of Chapter in . Device that limits venting opening. Looking for abbreviations of WOCD? Our window night latches and window opening control devices (WOCDs) help to prevent accidental falls, and most of our window and door hardware can be . An increase in the minimum sill height. That minimum height may be avoided if the opening is filled with a window.

These devices must be installed following the enclosed instructions, and . Now Available On Our Sliding Patio . Angel Ventlock is the new gold standard in window limiters.