Stick on window fly killers

I decided to purchase the sunflower that the flies actually stick to, and that had a . Adhesive Bug and Fly Killer Stick in Discreet, . With dry hands, remove the cover from the adhesive coating. Do not wipe fly killer decals after application. THE FLIES ARE NOT STUCK TO THE PRODUCT BUT DIE ON CONTACT.

K VAPONA SUNFLOWER WINDOW FLY KILLERS ARE NO LONGER FOR SALE . This colourful X Vapona Fly Killer Sunflower Window Sticker Trap Catcher 3xcan be securely attached to any surface in your home. Shortly after ingestion of the bait (the active ingredient), the flies die nearby. Dead flies do not stick to the strip. The Window Fly Killer –Strips is odourless and . Pair of self- adhesive window stickers.

Help keep your home bug-free.

Two colourful floral designs. The experts at Ortho have created a bait that is very attractive to flies. This Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker is especially designed without an. Method of application: Place on windows where flies can be a problem . At Rentokil, we offer a wide range of DIY fly killer products including fly traps,. Easy to use glue stick to catch flies and flying insects in the home.

This window sticker fly trap is especially designed to attract flies and control fly activity indoors. Aeroxon Window Fly Killer is a unique decorative window sticker . The Buzz Flying Insect Stick Large. Flies do not stick to the surface.

PIC FSTIK-RAID Jumbo Fly Stick. Odourless, no release of fumes or. Decorative Window Fly Killer Twinpack. Shop ortho home defense fly bait decal for windows in the pesticides section of Lowes.

Floral Window Stickers – Designs.

Raid Window Fly Traps are an inexpensive way to get rid of flying insects. Mini Gold Stick Fly Trap with Multi-Bait Attractant (4-Pack). To find the best bug- killing (and deterring) gear, we turned to. I chose the Catchmaster over the Black Flag Window Fly Trap due to a huge.

The dead flies do not stick to the surface. Unlike some products the Vapona Fly Killer Window Sticker does not release any fumes or vapour so there is no risk of. Have bought these stickers before as they work well. Especially good for plants near windows as the insects get caught then no insect spray killer required. Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers.

Ortho Home Defense Fly Killer Window Decal, Pack: Amazon.