Stair gate on bedroom door

I have just put one on dds door. Also when we put her to bed she is up and down like a yo-yo. My LO is almost and has been a pretty good sleeper up until now.

My thing about putting a gate on the door is that u eventually have to. Never put gate on bedroom doors – just at the top of the stairs and it .

Carlson-extra-wide-baby-gate-with-pet-door-and-extensions. I know lots of people who do . Stairgate on bedroom door? She is months old and . We have had numerous problems with my DDs sleeping. When did you stop using stair gates ? Child gate , top of stairs or bedroom door ?

Either we put a lock on his door , or I am moving out into a hotel. Predictably, he soon learned to undo his stair gate , and in the middle of the . Tesco direct: Safety Gates – A handy guide providing you with useful information about the. You can also buy extensions if your door frame or stairway is wider than average. Discover ideas about Toddler Girl Bedrooms. To stop your toddler wandering about the house and having an accident, put a stair gate across the bedroom door or at the top of the stairs.

So I was thinking of moving her to the big girl bed , and using a baby gate. We put a gate up right outside the door when we moved my daughter to bed. So, Do you guys have gates across their doors for if they wake up in the.

Her bedroom is right at the top of the stairs too so I worry about that . I read in a book that you should put a baby gate on their door so they. My two yr old boy goes to bed no prob story and gone. Our safety gates are ideal for the top or bottom of the stairs, to make sure you can keep an . Houdini toddler Leo attempting to climb a stair gate. I put a stairgate across the bedroom door to stop him coming in, he would try to get .

However, it meant I was not getting any chance to rest. From baby gates to child safety gates , find the perfect solution to keep your. Just wondering if anyone has managed without a stair gate ?