Spring toggle sizes

Drill the correct size hole through the board where you wish to mount the object. Once through the hole, the wings will spring open to prevent the toggle from . Shop Mx 50mm SPRING TOGGLE WITH SCREW PLASTERBOARD. Installation information on mollys, toggles , plastic anchors, expansion anchors,.

The strength of a spreading anchor is proportional to the size of the spread! Free next day delivery available.

Spring toggles are commonly available in most countries and can be used for fixing medium weight items to. Spring loaded toggle wings spread the load over a wide area. Expanding wings spread loads over a wide area making the spring toggle ideal for overhead applications. Check drill and screw sizes.

Preferred Ceiling Fixing – perfect for plasterboard. Screw Thickness, Screw Length, Drill Size. Spring toggle bolt is ideal for use where a strong hold in hollow wall or hollow core is a must. Contents, Spring toggle pack.

Anchor Style, Product Number, Size , Drill Dia.

The amount can vary depending on the size of the anchor and the wall you are using it on. Make sure you are aware of the guidelines or you could end up with . Hollow-wall anchors come in a wide range of sizes and styles for use on. Toggle Bolt Selection and Installation.

It features a fixed-wing toggle (no spring ) connected to two long . An all metal cavity fixing suitable for use in most cavity situations including plasterboar hollow blocks and hollow concrete planks. Ideal for fixing on lath and plaster, plasterboar plywoo chipboard and fibreboards and ceilings. Metric Sizes – Zinc Plated. Push the toggle through the hole until the arms spring out, pull the workpiece . Pass the screw through the fixture and into the toggle for . Our range of spring toggle are available in various screw size and hole diameter. These spring toggle are available in standard duty toggle bolt and toggle wings . Suitable for: Platerboard Applications: Ideal for overhead cavity fixing.

The toggles are closed over and passed through the required size hole in the hollow base . Tire wire acoustical toggle bolts are primarily for overhead applications. Choose between several sizes and quantities. They have left or right- hand threads, and can come in various sizes (threads per inch or thread pitch) and . Superior Quality compared to those plastic wall inserts and the old fashioned spring.

For use in light-duty applications, these steel toggle bolts offer easy installation. The spring -type wing expands to secure the bolt from an otherwise inaccessible .