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The ideal door lock for 13mm (½) rebated French doors. No additional rebate kit needed. Easily reversible bolt to enable fitting on both left and right hinge . This Rebated lever skeleton key mortice lock comes in different sizes and colours to suit rebated double doors and door furniture with an old style key cut out.

You can also search for rebated motice lock for wooden french doors in the following.

Rebated Door Locks and Latches are used on double doors. Use when fitting either a mortice latch or sashlock to a pair of doors with rebated meeting stiles (i.e. the doors overlap when closed). Mortice Latch or Lock on rebated doors as . Normally a rebated door will have a rebated lock. Easy to follow instructional video on how to install a mortice lock in rebated double timber doors.

Installed between the French . They are useful for keeping doors open rather than them constantly having to be opened and.

When installing locks or levers to a double door ( french doors ) there is usually a need to attach rebate kits to the doors. The purpose of the kit is . Was wondering if anyone knows what type of door hardware to use with rebated french doors ? And where they are avaliable Thanks. Wickes Rebated Tubular Door Latch – Chrome 63mm. Ideally suited for Rebated French Doors.

XL Joinery is a supplier of quality Chrome doors. At the height you want your rebated tubular latch mark the position in the centre of the door edge. Drill a hole in the door edge for the latch : For a 64mm (½”) . Zoo Hardware BS sashlock and will not fit any other brand of lock.

These locks can be supplied keyed alike. Find Windsor French Door Locking Kit SC at Bunnings Warehouse. Yale Rebated Tubular Latch (L)39mm (W)110mm – BQ for all your home and.

The range of door hardware available on the Australian market is so extensive. If you are just buying one door and already have locks on other doors, simply . Explore Door Locks , French Doors , and more!

Windsor Lock Kit Lever Rebated H: 155mm, W: 24mm, D: 64mm Bright. Use on rebated French Doors. Symmetry Knob and Lever Series and Deadbolts can be converted for use on rebated double doors with a standard to 13mm rebate by using the Symmetry. Show per page, Show per page, Show. Hard a hard job finding one of these for old patio doors and had a chippy job . This rebate kit allows for levers or knobs to be installed in double doors.

It depends whether you have upvc or wooden French doors. When you lift or pull down the door handle the locking points on the mechanism. Advice and guidance on locking French windows, including what.

French doors you will need a mortice sashlock fitted to these, with a rebate kit. Generally external French windows will also have rebated meeting styles .