Rebate locks for french doors

Looking for rebated motice lock for wooden french doors ? Having been around in the industry for decades, Locks Online can help! This Rebated lever skeleton key mortice lock comes in different sizes and colours to suit rebated double doors and door furniture with an old style key cut out. Use when fitting either a mortice latch or sashlock to a pair of doors with rebated meeting stiles (i.e. the doors overlap when closed).

Double doors that overlap and close on to each.

When installing locks or levers to a double door ( french doors ) there is usually a need to attach rebate kits to the doors. The purpose of the kit is . A rebate kit for French doors is the ideal solution for all French doors that need a rebate kit fitted so that the door latch can function. Installed between the French . As you close proper French double doors they fit together by one door having a rounded. Normally a rebated door will have a rebated lock.

Easy to follow instructional video on how to install a mortice lock in rebated double timber doors.

The ideal door lock for 13mm (½) rebated French doors. No additional rebate kit needed. Easily reversible bolt to enable fitting on both left and right hinge . The doors are 44mm think, each door is rebated. Show per page, Show per page, Show. MORTICE LOCKS are set into a cavity (or mortice) in the door and are the more.

Was wondering if anyone knows what type of door hardware to use with rebated french doors ? And where they are avaliable Thanks. Picture of British Standard Lever Sash Lock – ZBSS . A rebate kit to allow a tubular mortice latch or deadbolt to be used on a pair of rebated double or French doors. At the height you want your rebated tubular latch mark the position in the centre of the door edge. Drill a hole in the door edge for the latch : For a 64mm (½”) . Typically this lock , with rebated forend and striker, is installed in French double doors with and old fashioned half inch rebated edge, and is usually used in . These locks can be supplied keyed alike.

Their sliding bolt keeps the door in place.

Door wedges are also available for purchase in this section. Symmetry Knob and Lever Series and Deadbolts can be converted for use on rebated double doors with a standard to 13mm rebate by using the Symmetry. A door rebate is the part of a door frame, where the latch is attached to. Rebate Mortice Lock Brass 63mm () 2-Lever.

This door rebates , go hand in hand with latches, sash locks and deadlocks. Union Lever rebated mortice lock suitable for 12. Reversible latch and supplied with strike fixings and keys.

Enables A Mortice Latch To Be Fitted On 13mm Double Rebated Doors, French Doors etc. Length 57mm x Width 25mm x Depth 13mm.