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Steel wire armoured cable, commonly abbreviated as SWA , is a hard-wearing power cable. XLPE insulated steel wire armoured and PVC sheathed cable with copper conductors. Armour, : Galvanised Steel Wires. Colour of Sheath, : Black . They are used as power and control cables for fixed .

Material outer sheath : PVC. Overall screene SWA armoure instrumentation cable. Individual and overall screened , SWA armoure instrumentation cable.

SKU: EB117BCategories: Cable . These cables are intended. High temperature PVC V90HT overall screened with steel wire armouring. Class stranding, twisted pairs with .

V – THREE CORE COPPER CONDUCTOR PVC INSULATED STEEL WIRE . Electric cable with copper conductors, semiconductive conductor screen, XLPE insulation, semiconductive insulation screen, copper tape . Copper wire ,plain, stranded. Maximum continuous operating temperature: °C. The cable features stranded plain annealed copper conductors, XLPE insulation, PVC bedding, galvanised steel wire armour ( SWA ) and a . Application: Distribution cable for industry . Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd offer and hold a large stock and various sizes, colours and lengths of. Conductor material, Plain annealed copper. Power and auxiliary control cables for use in power networks, undergroun outdoor and indoor applications.

Construction, Stranded plain copper conductors, XLPE insulation, cores laid up, PVC bedding, single core AWA or more cores SWA , PVC sheath. SWA is cut to length in multiples of 1Meter. From SWA cable core types to the construction of SWA cables, our in-depth. PVC compound type TM-acc.

The typical construction of SWA PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) cable is as follows:. Nominal cross section of conductor. Part : Polythene insulated.

Insulation, XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene). Sheath, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) . Bedding, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride ). XLPE, Cross-linked polyethylene, has stable intermolecular bonds between polyethylene particles created by . Cable PVC SWA PVC 185mm² x core.