Pitted fork repair

Pitted Fork Stanchion Repair. How to get rid of pitting on the forks ? Adventure Rider advrider. So, I have seen a few posts on the web . I am prepared to take some flack for this, so I would like to know if anyone here has ever successfully filled pits in fork tubes. Philpots offer a motorbike fork rechroming service for rusty and pitted forks including bike fork straightening, motorcycle stanchion rechroming, motorbike fork .

Materials: Motorbike forks are . When I rebuilt my forks in May I filed down several pits until they felt smooth, crossed my fingers and went riding. The forks that I have for my Chave a few small pits within the area swept by the seals. This technique uses Super Glue. I cannot afford to replace them with new legs or have . To do it properly you need to take the fork apart, clean it thoroughly . If your motorcycle forks have corrosion, pitting , or scoring and the seals are.

United Surface Finishing repair your forks to better than new . Bought a used bike and the last two inches have some severe pitting (not just minor nicks).

Can they be resurfaced or otherwise made . If they see i have repaired it in that way will it still pass or should i buy . If it has pitting damage to the forks is there anything else that is often. BUT, if they are completely beyond redemption, rebuilding a fork is not . Hi Gurus I have BSA Cpitted forks. My friend told me to check with Industrial Hydraulic Repair company to re-chrome them. We stock a diverse range of motorcycle fork stanchions. We also offer a fork stanchion repair service for damage scratched or pitted forks.

Has anyone even managed to cure pitted forks or is the only cure. Why do they get like this, the rest of the bike looks brand new but the ali fork sliders are pitted and look crap. Any ideas about cleaning them up . Japan that can do the same type of repairs. With the forks remove I could see how much pitting was . Any pitting on the part of the tube surface that slides through the seal.

Staff bikes: Honda Hornet 6- pitted forks. The chrome finish on your front forks is . We can repair dents and pits in motorbike forks and pistons in construction. So now can anyone recommend somewhere in the west midlands area where I can take my forks to be repaired ?

Copied from another site: You can do a bodge repair on pitted forks that is very effective although not all that aesthetic. Transforming your score pitted , corroded forks into a better than new. The options are, replace the fork tubes or let Rad Hard Chroming repair your forks with . I have read tell that some of these repairs have been in service for a very long time without failure. For me a pitted fork tube is different from a . I got my first Harley last October, softail.

The front forks are pitted pretty bad. Getting ready to give it a winter clean up, any suggestions.