How to fix a hole in a down jacket

Kittens, campfires and thorny bushes all have it in for your jacket , and just one little hole can let lots of precious down fly free. Luckily, patching small holes is . Holes in a down jacket can mean being a walking pillow-fight. If you are looking for a long-term solution, you will most likely need a baffle repair. While a baffle repair is challenging, i.

How to repair a tear on the down jacket ? The best way to fix a hole in a down feather- fill jacket. We love it when our down jackets keep us warm and we hate it when they start leaking. So I ripped my down jacket on some barbed wire. Sew it up, or some sort of patch ? Duct tape or Gorilla tape to fix a down jacket ? This is a time tested and a.

First things first: this . You turn around only to find your brand new down jacket with an ugly L. The less than seconds repair solution to stop those down feathers from escaping away through that annoying tear and repair your torn down jacket. The jacket is now hemorrhaging down. Besides duct tape, what are the best ways to repair the tear ? The shell is made of thin ripstop style nylon . You have four options to repair the rip in your down jacket.

You can return it to the manufacturer for repair. Decide whether to patch the inside or outside of your jacket or pants. A repair guide to using an iron on heat patch to repair a small hole in your down jacket or sleeping bag. Stop the down escaping from your jacket with a bit of Tenacious Tape. Its just a straight vertical cut and is about a half inch long.

Extra care should be taken when repairing a hole or tear on a North Face down jacket. If the hole or tear is smaller than a dime, a seam sealer is able to bind the. Self Adhesive Repair Patches per Kit.

I patched a rip in my jacket last October using clear packing tape. Since then it has been worn for about 1hours and the tape patch has . Have a small tear (non-seam) on my down jacket. Our down jackets are an investment in staying warm. But a hole in one is a quick route to . To keep your down from escaping and creating a huge mess: Baste stitch by hand with a small needle (to prevent leaving visible holes in the fabric) through all . To date I can recall patching down jackets , a synthetic fill jacket, .