Furflex draught excluder

Various Colours – Please specify. Massive inventory of parts and accessories. Moss USA Part Number 249- 790.

I ordered it from Woolies . John Skinner Ltd – Classic car interior trim and Upholstery specialists. Plush Covered without Stiffener.

This is a list of alternate part numbers you can use to cross-reference for your Austin Healey. TR3As used a furflex door seal, which, by my experience. The furflex is available in two lengths standard and for soft top TR4-and Hardtop (surrey top) TR4-5. DRAUGHT EXCLUDER RED SURREY TR4-5.

PLUSH WOOL MOQUETTE COVERING A BEAD WITH A FLANGE TO BE NAILE TACKED OR GLUED TO DOOR APER . COH Baines official rubber seals stockist have FURFLEX RED – Red. Used as a tack-on door seal draught excluder for various older and classic cars. We stock ready for dispatch both domestically within the UK and beyond a wide selection of knock-on furflex draught excluders , easily purchaseable via .

Seals around the door openings (called draught excluders ) on the first-series BN4s. One rubber seal down the vertical rear edge of the door attached with. The TR3A doors have a variety of rubber and furflex seals.

Black furflex draught excluder fits many vintage and classic cars. As used on Vintage, Pre-War and some Posr-War vehicles. See also D-post furflex treatment. Furflex ( draught excluder ) edging.

Includes mat and SIDES (black fiberboard with original factory grain and hardura mat). Also at the ends, does the furflex ends at the capping level or at the. Finally the B post door panels are screwed in place, and it nearly looks . The front of the top is fitted with a rubber seal, trimmed in buff furflex , which slips over the.

If it is the furflex type draught excluder that everyone is talking about, you dont remove the headlining on a saloon so presume estate the same. You must make sure no glue is visible beyond the rubber seal. Jaguar Ss 1Spare Parts Catalogue Manual 2. Kit, vinyl and foam for both posts.

I teadliner Material, synthetic, (yds. req.), per yd. Excluder Door Trim, black only. Is there supposed to be any evidence of draught seals or excluders.

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