Fire rated mdf sheets

Ideal for use in public spaces where strict fire regulations must be . Euro Class C flame retardant board is required under building regulations. Our raw MDF board comes in a wide selection of sizes. In areas where there is a higher than average risk of fire , or in buildings such as cinemas, theatres,.

Download the specification sheet by clicking here.

We keep inventory of 4xFlakeboard MDF fire rated. About of these are fibreboards, are calcium. FibroFlam is a high-density, fire – retardant MDF board. The board has an excellent sanding capacity and a well-sealed surface. We have a large collection of plain MDF sheets from moisture resistant to fire rated plain MDF boards at good prices with the fast delivery in the whole UAE.

The suggested edgings are chosen to compliment the board as closely as possible. MDF FR are non-load-bearing boards with improved fire retardant properties and are manufactured in compliance with European standard EN 622-where they .

Veneers are always pressed to face and back to prevent sheet curl. A product cannot be fire rated. FR MDF Product data sheet. PREMIER FR fire – rated MDF.

The right thickness for thick board applications. PYROTECH Panel is a fibre board manufactured with flame retardant additives, specially conceived for those applications where an improvement in behaviour . With over outlets in the GCC, Baniyas can reach out. Supalux is a high performance board which can be used in construction to provide fire.

Moisture Resistant MDF Finsa Fibrapan Hidrofugo. Sort by popularity, Sort by . Medium -density fiberboard ( MDF ) and particleboard are the materials. Specialists in the supply of flameproof plywoo MDF and wide range of other.

Available in multiple sizes and easily workable sheet stock gives users the opportunity to use. Spec Sheet – MDF (White Base). Fire Ratings: Fire Rating – MDF.

The density of the board , when evaluated in relation to the density of the fibre that goes into making the panel, is important. Medium-density fibreboard ( MDF ) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down. Check Easycraft website for the latest information. Forest Plywood sells quality fire resistant plywood and fire rated MDF. Thickness: Sheet Size: Uses.

B or a Euroclass C flame retardant board is required under building regulations. Call for pricing: Contact your nearest store. This dramatically improves their fire resistance and spread of flame qualities when compared with standard MDF and most other timber–based sheet products.

MDF is a great substrate for pressing Timber Veneer.