Door loop cable

Surface and concealed mortise mount power transfer loops provide a means of running wires from the frame to doors equipped with electric locks and exit devices. Armoured loop designed to fit between the door and frame offering security of the cable. The Tate Colson armoured door loop is ideal for high risk areas. Installation in the fold area is possible almost everywhere due to the small.

Made using high quality materials this loop offer excellent protection from cables snagging. Spring-back stainless steel cable.

This 400mm armoured cable with triangular plastic ends is a surface fit solution for transferring cables from a frame to. Door loop with metal endings. White and brown end caps match all door frames . SURFACE-MOUNT DOOR LOOPS black loops. The GEM family of DL series power transfer door loops offer a protective means of running wires. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Suitable for use on double leaf doors where wiring must be transferred from the door frame to the door in a tidy and protected manner. The range of door loops from CDVI offer a safe and secure method of transfering cables from a fixed point (door frame) onto the door leaf.

ARMOURED DOOR LOOP USED FOR PROTECTING CABLES AT . Installing a cable that is too thick to slide freely will result in premature failure due to flexing and stretching. Concealed door loop for doors and frame. The dormakaba DL2is a surface mounted door loop ( cable transfer). Designed for wiring, it allows a flexible connection to be made from the door frame to . The new low cost FLEX door loop from the CDVI Group boasts cast aluminium ends with a stainless steel armoured cable.

The low cost nature with features . Used when installing electric exit devices or electrified locks, armored door cords provide a simple and economical solution for transferring power from frame to . Shop with confidence on eBay! Armored cable transfer, great for access control installations. Designed to fit between the door and frame offering security of the cable.

With a heavy duty construction. Camden offers a wide range of heavy duty power transfer cables. It is ideal for double doors where the cable.

The concealed cable transition enables supply cables to be fed from the door frame to the door leaf safely and securely. Due to its concealed fitting in the door. The door loop prevents supply cables to hardware being damaged in door operation .

This pre-wired door loop enables power transfer across the hinged side of the door. Connection blocks at each end enable quick and easy installation of wiring.