Adjustable groover

Measure and gouge grooves in one step. Ideal for measuring and making grooves on the leather. It produces very precise grooves. Steel blade and practical . Adjustable width from 5mm.

The adjustable groover leather tool makes stitch grooves in the leather.

The groove in the leather allows the stitching to line up neatly. An adjustable groover is basically a two (sometimes 3) piece stacked dado cutter set with shims to adjust the cutting width. This leathercraft tool also . For cutting different groove widths in solid woods along and across grain, uncoate veneered and coated . Our adjustable groovers allow you to cut precise grooves which require no sanding or touch-ups, adjustable. It can be used to create decorative lines on belts and . CMT adjustable groover cutter head.

Ideal to create slots and grooves on material from 4-15mm deep. It is infiniteley variable from 6.

Trend Spare adjustable groover blade for 1. Marshalltown Edger – Made of heavy gauge stainless steel. Heavy gauge stainless steel. Groover is adjustable and locks in place. Accepts one or more fresno groover bits for making parallel grooves.

Cutterhead with Carbide reversible knives and spurs for making precision grooves, adjustable by means of spacer rings. Shop for a MARSHALLTOWN stainless steel walking edger with an adjustable groover attachment. These concrete walking edgers with groover attachments are . The latest innovation is a groove cutter which allows you to cut three different size grooves simply by switching the location of the knives. Creative Craft Co Ltd – We are a company based in Shanghai, China.

Our major products lines are Hobby Craft products. We have years experience in this . Each set consists of two interlocking tools fitted with grooving cutters and scribes for a clean side face. A stitch groover is used to cut a groove into leather to seat stitches.

Visit Whitehill Tools NEW website and buy online. Just loosen the chuck, adjust the blade, and retighten. To adjust the groove width these tools can be re-assembled with the supplied shims and spacers inserted .